Unhinged Movie Review with Russell Crowe

Unhinged Movie Review with Russell Crowe

Unhinged Movie – Written by Carl Ellsworth and directed by Derrick Borte, Unhinged is all set in city traffic. It’s a film that tries to convey emphasis on the dose of violence and people’s indifference and inconsistency towards each other. In the movie starring Russell Crowe, Crowe appears as an obsessive, violent and a kind of traffic monster.

The whole movie takes place almost in traffic. The movie manages to pretend that it’s just Rachel and the guy chasing her on the roads that don’t flow, clog and buzz. So we’re watching the action of a car chasing Rachel on a deserted road. At the beginning of the movie, he tries to warn us by presenting documentary-like images of the violence in the traffic. But honestly I wouldn’t have hoped Rachel would be so alone and helpless. Of course, there is also the man side of the job. It is not given why he is so determined and violent. Though it is better not to be given, we are also tired of the flows that confront us with violent individuals who descend into childhood and are caused by problematic parents.

Unhinged Movie Makes Us Think Again About The Smartphones We Have In Each Hand


Unhinged Movie – It is interesting that the man who somehow got hold of Rachel’s phone suddenly became the ruler of Rachel’s life. The man leaves another phone call for Rachel and directs him. Rachel, who succeeded in taking her son from school as a result of these instructions, seems to be turning a blind eye to her friend’s death and her brother’s violence. But for some reason, he doesn’t think of going to a police station and filing a complaint or taking shelter. This has turned into my affair for Rachel! He wants to punish the man himself.

In the 82-minute Unhinged, the man is using fictional violence. For example, he does not use violence arbitrarily. She sets her eyes on Rachel and inflicts violence on those who are involved in her life. It is also frightening to learn about a person’s whole life with the help of a phone. We keep open addresses in our hands.

After all, the movie is different from the violent movies that often appear in the desert and turn into a whirlpool. But the movie aims to make Rachel and the guy look alone in the passing traffic with good cunning. Even if we say pull it over and ask for help Rachel every now and then, the movie continues to go its own way. You can more or less guess the end, but if you say I want to watch the traffic man movie passing by on the road, come here! Let’s take our hat off to the flow of the script that doesn’t wear anything!

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