Trailer of “Come Play” starring Gillian Jacobs

Trailer of “Come Play” starring Gillian Jacobs

A trailer was shared for the horror movie Come Play, which starred Gillian Jacobs and John Gallagher Jr. In the trailer of the film, we see a little boy named Larry begin to be disturbed by different entities. Larry and his mother are engaged in a great struggle to get rid of this being.

The theme of the horror genre Come Play is as follows: Oliver is a lonely boy who feels different from everyone else. Without a friend, Oliver tries to relieve his loneliness by taking shelter on his cell phone and tablet. Meanwhile, a mysterious creature begins to use Oliver’s devices against him to enter the world. After this situation, Oliver’s parents must fight to save their son from the monster behind the screen.

Director Jacob Chase’s First Feature Film

Director Jacob Chase, known for his short films, signed his first feature film with Come Play. The director had previously shot Larry, the short version of Come Play. The star of the movie was Azhy Robertson, Marriage Story’s Henry Barber. Community successful Gillian Jacobs as a mother to Robertson; John Gallagher Jr., whom we know from productions such as Short Term 12, Hush, Jonah Hex, 10 Cloverfield Lane. accompany. The movie Come Play is said to be the new generation adapted version of Annabelle. The movie seems too associated with technology.

The film will be in front of the audience on October 30.

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