The Old Guard Review & Film Summary

The Old Guard Review & Film Summary

The Netflix movie The Old Guard review, starring Charlize Theron, promises a powerful action and a story that has its roots in mythology, has it been fulfilled?

The Old Guard’s try is definitely the kind of applause, but it’s not like the original. It’s reminiscent of John Wick in things like cutting action shots as little as possible and close combat. But mistakes in the application lead to funny situations in some scenes. As they try to cut the scene less, they seem to forget that they had to shoot a scene that would need less cut. As the second best option, they chose the cuts that wouldn’t look like they were cut. Although it is beautiful when it is done well, this method can turn into a state of air when it fails. It took a few seconds during the plane fight that I couldn’t even tell who hit whom.


The Old Guard is briefly the story of a group of soldiers who served in different wars in different centuries and realized that they were immortal after death. They find each other and use both their immortality and their abilities in battle to do good. The film takes its roots from many areas of history such as mythology, the Crusades and the Napoleonic Wars. So why is he doing this?


The Old Guard Review – That’s where it fails. In fact, Greg Rucka’s comic was able to handle these points very well. Reading the character of Booker, played by Matthias Schoenaerts in the film, shot in front of Moscow in 1804 in the comic added depth to the character. He played his right to add depth to the film entirely on Andy. He’s made him sloppy too. On the one hand, they tried to preserve the mystery of the character and on the other hand, try to explain it enough to care. But they left a lot of topics that they went in gently and did not connect anywhere.

‘Inner voice’ is a storytelling technique that has been underestimated in Hollywood for the past two decades. It is still used very often in comics. The phrase Booker uses in the film when talking about Andy, “He forgot the methods of killing that many armies would never learn,” is spoken by Andy’s inner voice in the comic. There is a big difference between reading this sentence as I wrote it and hearing a person come out in the movie. When heard in the movie, it feels like he’s trying too hard to be cool. When the importance of seeing bold and italic words is processed by the reader’s brain, you can get the exact message to be given.


The Old Guard is among Netflix’s movies that are slightly above average and will be forgotten after watching. Although it has the potential to put it on in the next movie, I see no reason to watch it other than killing two hours on its own. But I had fun, I will probably watch it when the next movie comes out; Can this make me swallow my criticism and meet my expectations? I am not very hopeful.

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