The Night Clerk Movie Reviews Plugged in & summary

The Night Clerk Movie Reviews Plugged in & summary

The Night Clerk Movie Reviews plugged in & Film summary – Bart Bromley (Tye Sheridan) is a young receptionist trying to survive with Asperger syndrome. Striving to balance social life, but unable to even sit at the same table with his mother (Helen Hunt), Bart tries to train people in terms of speaking by ‘observing’. One night, while Bart was on the shift at the hotel, a woman murder was committed. Although there is no clear evidence, for Detective Espada (John Leguizamo) Bart is on the target board…

An experienced actor who was nominated for many awards during the time of Michael Cristofer, who directed and wrote the film, is undoubtedly a name who cooked and cooked from A to Z in the kitchen of the theater. Cristofer, whose signature on modern classics such as Falling in Love (1984), Gia (1998) and Sinahkâr (Original Sin-2001), is returning to the big screen with The Night Clerk movie as a director exactly 19 years after his last film.

Although it is listed as crime and drama in terms of film genre, it is obvious that it has a slightly tense psychological aspect. Because Bart, who is an individual with Asperger syndrome who has a job in daily life, has a hard time communicating with people, does not want to disrupt his routine and does not accept intervention in his private area, stands in the middle of the story. With the murder committed at the hotel, the scenario is divided into two branches, representing Bart’s transformation. Bart, who met a woman named Andrea in the hotel where he was assigned, opens his arms to this “innovation”, like the yellow squash flower, so to speak. In short, she falls in love with all her purity. It is clear that the director intends to dig deep into a psychology with Asperger’s syndrome, using murder as a cause material. The operation of the script in this direction is not bad with the success of the actor.


The Night Clerk Movie Reviews plugged in & Film summary – On the other hand, the murder and murder investigation committed at the beginning of the film remains in the air as a frame story. This framework, designed for the first step of Bart’s transformation, makes Detective Espada, who does not do more than burden Bart to solve the incident, as an incompetent cop. Adding to this attitude, especially the slow pace of the movie, The Night Clerk movie does not promise a full spectacle, unfortunately. Whereas, if both sides were handled in a more balanced way, if the eye-watcher-observation triangle was not blocked by the lack of social communication, the pleasure of watching could increase when its tempo and tension increased a little. Probably this is the result of the director reflecting his theatrical outlook on the cinema.

Tye Sheridan, one of the fast-growing young male actors of recent years, has obviously worked well to portray the character with this special position and shows his performance, but it is difficult to establish identity due to the weight of the character. However, after shining out with Mud (2012) with the Promising Actor awards and solidifying his place in Hollywood in Joe (2013), Sheridan had proven himself well with his non-stop performance in Ready Player One, which we watched in 2018.

Even though Helen Hunt is the star of the The Night Clerk movie on paper, she also paints a mediocre performance as Ethel, the devoted and protective mother. As if he played whatever was in the script; his only impressive scene is Bart’s short speech in his bedroom. The performance of Ana de Armas, who gave life to the femme fatal Andrea, is not bad for her surprise character portrayal, but John Leguizamo was badly spent in Detective Espada!

As a result, a film that can be processed from many different angles on an interesting subject, as if it remains one-dimensional and rather wants us to understand the leading role, Bart; but the art of cinema does not always work in one dimension. The Night Clerk, which has the most screens this week, is an ideal movie for the audience who wants to distract for a little change …

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