The Invisible Man 2020 Movie Review & Summary

The Invisible Man 2020 Movie Review & Summary

The Invisible Man 2020 Story: The film is woven around Cecilia Kass (Elisabeth Moss), who faces physical and emotional violence in her relationship with a wealthy and intelligent scientist. Unable to endure her controlling and oppressive boyfriend, Cecilia finds a way to escape in the middle of the night. He decides to get away from his nightmare as much as possible. Deciding to go into hiding out of fear that her ex will find her, the young woman gets help from her sister, a friend and her daughter. But when Cecilia’s troubled ex commits suicide and leaves her a generous portion of her great fortune, Cecilia begins to think her death was a hoax. A series of spooky coincidences begins to become dangerous and threaten the lives of those he loves. Cecilia desperately tries to prove that she was hunted by someone no one else can see. However, in this process, the mental health of the young woman is endangered.

The Invisible Man 2020, which has been adapted for cinema many times, is H.G. It consists of several versions of Wells’ novel written in 1897. The main story of the novel is what happens to a scientist who finds the method of being invisible and tries this secret on himself. The version shot in 1933 is at the top of the films in which human psychology is constantly tested with a scientific experiment. Doctor Griffin, who finds the secret to making himself invisible but unable to restore his body, reaches a provincial town wearing bandages and glasses, and becomes the top agenda item for the small town in its own right! According to the conditions of the period, the film, which appeared with very good visual effects, interpreted the mixture of science fiction and thriller with a good psychological analysis.


The latest film by Leigh Whannell, who appears as an actor and producer in the films, is a completely modern adaptation of the book. Here is an invisible man who is after his lover Cecilia who escaped from him; running away from people in other versions; It is possible to say that a man trying to be visible again had drama. Here, Cecilia has taken on all the psychological concerns and curiosity of the townsman. The story also does not mind inserting a somewhat complex flow between the modern version. Griffin reaches the secret of an abandoned invisible man. Invisibility is revealed this time in a costume, Griffin is like creating a costumed superhero out of him. It was a project that was already among the movies planned for Universal’s Dark Universe.

While the Invisible Manhood is a situation designed on a single body, here the usage area also changes with the flexibility created by the costume. And with that, some maneuvers become feasible in the scenario. That’s what happens with this new version! Whoever wears the costume becomes invisible! Of course, there are also situations of being vaguely visible with the footprint, the thing sprinkled on it! Although The Invisible Man is touted as a science fiction, it does not provide us with details that invent the formulas for being invisible. On the contrary, he analyzes what happens when he becomes invisible. This makes the story more immersive. But this new version by Whannell has almost turned into a revenge story. As it stands, the movie is far from the real story! It is possible to say that it offers a good tension, except that it smells of revenge. Even the dose of tension has been raised voluntarily. It has turned into revenge for the unseen! If it goes on like this, it looks like it will jump on the line of James Wan and Night Shyamalan, director Whannell!

If we do not look outside of the classic movie and see the errors that deviate from the logic; We can even call it a good new version, but the mess it created towards the end; Unfortunately, it shatters the tension it has built.

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