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The Gentlemen Review & Summary (2019)

The Gentlemen Review & Summary – The Gentlemen tells the story of a man who wants to quit his criminal empire. Mickey Pearson, who wants to quit his crime empire in London, plans to return to America with his family. Planning to start a new life for himself, Mickey hires Matthew, a famous billionaire, to hand over his business. Meanwhile, Mickey tries to protect his land from Coach and his gang, which he has been avoiding for years. Fletcher, a private detective, is concerned about uncovering the crimes of Mickey, whom he has been chasing for years. Finding himself in various intrigues, will Mickey manage to get out of it as he planned?

The Gentlemen Review

From the very first scene ‘The Gentlemen’ grabs your interest and doesn’t let go. Thanks to a string of crafty gentlemen in crisp suits who are out to get each other but not in a crass gang-bang way. Most of them are them are classy and debonair, some sly and sharp, while some young and charming. And together they ensure there’s never a dull moment. Writer-director Guy Ritchie creates each of his characters with strong traits and a slight vulnerability that helps the audience connect with them.

Matthew McConaughey totally fits the bill as the brooding drug Mafioso, who in his own words is the “king of the jungle”. His deep baritone voice adds to the impact of his sharp dialogue delivery and smart demeanor. Ditto for his right-hand man Raymond played by British actor Charlie Hunnam. His calm and collected composure enhances his debonair good looks as he handles the most messed up situations. Collin Farrell is endearing as the honest boxing coach of a bunch of rowdy and misled youths. Rest of the cast is equally impressive. But the man who stands tall above all with his wry wit and irreverent humour is Hugh Grant. The talented English actor private investigator Fletcher, who narrates his findings to Ray in the form of a screenplay. The chemistry between the two British actors is clearly the highpoint of the film. So are the subtle sexual innuendoes between the two that make for some trippy fun.

Overall, ‘The Gentlemen’ is a crisp and comedic action entertainer with fascinating characters. The jokes and punches aren’t loud and in-your face, but they surely pack a solid punch.

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