The Devil All the Time Movie Review

The Devil All the Time Movie Review

Based on Donald Ray Pollock’s novel of the same name, released in 2011, The Devil All the Time movie was released on Netflix.

It’s actually a southern movie The Devil All the Time. It is reminiscent of the old independent American movies. And the movie, which started with many times and characters, finally combines the whole story at one point. Thus, the characters provide their development and multiply our pleasure of watching.

Many topics are covered, such as family secrets, beliefs and the things they bring to people, livelihood difficulties, the mechanism of oppression within the family, sexuality and taboos. The film, which is generally dark in nature (both the story, the shooting and the setting), can bore the viewer at some point. The fact that trouble and evil appear differently in each scene shows how well the movie title is.


The story begins a little simple, becomes a ball of string and is designed to be solved from a single point. Willard Russell stopped by a cafe on the way back from the military and found love at first sight. Even from here, the movie welcomes you with what a raw and absorbing story it is. The narrator’s voice embraces us in the style of old American movies. Considering the whole story in general, it was a genius idea to support it with such a powerful and easy-to-tell element. The story progresses rapidly with this effect. From time to time we start watching not only Willard, but also another couple in the cafe. The story that bifurcates in this way introduces us to 2 dozen characters in the half of the movie and burst into stories. And that’s the most impressive part of The Devil All the Time.

The cast of the movie is amazing. The film is directed by Antonio Campos, and the cast includes master actors such as Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Bill Skarsgård and Robert Pattinson.


Tom Holland plays Arvin, the tough and “fatherly disguised” character. Bill Skarsgård, as Arvin’s father, welcomes us with his horrible and dark personality at the beginning of the film, while at the same time falling in love and pushing the boundaries of faith, he leaves us with emotion. Sebastian Stan and Robert Pattinson showcase the disgusting personalities of this dark story with tremendous acting. Robert Pattinson’s accent is beautiful to watch the scene over and over again.

As I have just mentioned, as the story begins to branch out, we constantly meet someone at the same time and in different time periods. Then we unite with our old acquaintances. So who are there in this dark basket? A duo of preachers who have turned their sermons into performances and who are fanatic of their religion, a sheriff who pushes everything behind the goal of winning the election, an angry and complicated veteran who could not overcome the effects of war, a perverted couple, a pedophile priest and an honest, ambitious, unfair a teenager: Arvin Russell. Arvin, who touches everyone’s life in this ball of wool somehow and causes vibration. He’s crushed by his father’s harsh upbringing, but he’s actually a normal person, a good elder brother, and someone trying to live.


The Devil All the Time movie – The production, which is reminiscent of the Fargo and Coen Brothers movies, seems to consist of two parts. The first is about religion and its devoted followers to its corrupt self. The second part is the concentration of violence in Arvin and the world around it. In The Devil All the Time, this first narrative seems to begin with the change of the priest. But his earlier fanatical understanding of religion begins with his overconfidence and inconsiderate dedication to the lord of the character Willard Russell (father), played by Bill Skarsgård. Both loyalties head towards awful ways. A pedophile priest arrives at the church and destroys the lives of Arvin and his brother, while Willard Russell causes his son’s childhood trauma and his own death. Pleasures that begin intense end violently. It is up to you to keep the number of people who died at the end of the movie.

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