Best Horror Movies on Netflix in Halloween

Best Horror Movies on Netflix in Halloween

Best Horror Movies on Netflix in Halloween – This Thursday is Halloween that millions of people around the world celebrate with fun! If you don’t have a party plan tonight, we’ve listed Halloween movies that will go best with popcorn at home!

     1.The Conjuring

Based on a true story, the film tells the terrifying story of how Ed and Lorraine Warren, who investigate paranormal phenomena, become world famous. The events begin with Ed and Lorraine summoned to the farmhouse of a family whose lives are turned upside down by a dark entity. When forced to face an evil creature, the Warriors find themselves in the worst case of their lives. The Conjuring stars Academy Award nominee Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor. The director of the movie is James Wan. It is a quality movie that can be watched as a family on Halloween.

     2. The Ritual 

Best Horror Movies on Netflix in Halloween – Five friends Phil, Dom, Hutch, Luke and Rob, who met from college, meet at a bar and talk about their journey. Rob suggests going hiking in Sweden, but the rest of the group instantly reject the idea. Later in the night the group leaves the bar. On the way back, Rob wants to buy a bottle of vodka. Rob, who is in shock at the shop he entered for this, cuts the ice. The shop is robbed, and while Luke quickly finds a place to hide, Rob is clearly facing the robbers. The robbers ask Rob to give him his wallet, watch and ring. Rob, who is only hesitant about the ring, argues with the robbers. Luke, still invisible at the time, takes a bottle in his hand to intervene and takes action. But the robbers kill Rob in front of Luke’s eyes until Luke intervenes.
Six months after Rob’s death, the team went on a trekking trip to Sweden in memory of him and chooses the Kungslan (King’s Way) as their trek route. However, at one point Dom sprains his feet and has difficulty walking. Then they decide to try a different way. On this shorter road, strange symbols and a deer hanging from a tree appear before them. With the storm coming down, they decide to spend the night in a hut …

     3. Eli

Best Horror Movies on Netflix in Halloween – Eli has a very rare health problem. Since his body shows an allergic reaction when he goes outside, he must always stay at home or indoors. Eli’s family (Rosa and Paul) took him to Dr. Takes Isabella Horn to the polyclinic. This polyclinic is an old house that has been disinfected in an airtight manner. Eli is delighted that he takes off his protective clothing and can hug his family in this facility. But Eli’s joy is short-lived. As he continues to stay at home, he encounters unnatural events in some parts of the house. Meanwhile, Eli, who started his treatment, is suffering from the treatment. Increasing unnatural events disturbs Eli. Sometimes the spirits who leave messages to him make Eli think over time. I wonder if these spirits made him feel like Dr. Is he trying to warn about Horn’s treatment?

     4. Dracula

Jonathan Harker, a young lawyer, arrives in a mysterious small town in Eastern Europe on duty. Here, Harker is kidnapped by the immortal vampire Dracula and is forced to go to London with him. Dracula is impressed by seeing a photo of Harker’s fiancee, Mina, and wants to take over the young girl. Lucy and her friends will try to resist against Dracula, who has captured Lucy first.

 5.  Psycho

Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) works in a real estate agency in Arizona. She wants to marry her boyfriend Sam (John Gavin). However, the couple has very little money. One Friday, his boss gives Marion $ 40,000 to deposit money in the bank. Marion decides that they can make the life they dream of with Sam with this money, and goes to meet Sam by stealing the money. On the way, he had to stay at the Bates Motel. Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), who runs the motel, is a young man obsessed with his mother. They eat dinner together and Marion retreats to her room and decides to take a shower before bed. The Psycho, one of the most important examples of its kind in the history of Sinerma, is considered one of Alfred Hitchcock‘s masterpieces. This movie is one of the best choices for Halloween.

6. Bird Box

Best Horror Movies on Netflix in Halloween – A strange evil that drives people crazy with just one glance has exhausted the world. When this mysterious force diminishes the world’s population, Malorie (Sandra Bullock) must face the unknown and seek refuge with her two children in a safe place. A single mistake will cause them to die in this very dangerous journey. Moreover, he must be blindfolded no matter what happens during the journey. While they embark on this journey trusting their other senses, a being after them follows them step by step. “Bird Box” follows Malorie, a woman who aims to live their lives in peace with her children, as well as enter a safe paradise possibly mentioned in legends.

     7. The Babysitter

Cole is in love with Bee, the cool and beautiful babysitter, and is an ordinary kid who has a hard time making friends. Sneaking out of his bed on a night when his family is away, Cole witnesses Bee and his friends in the living room full of rituals and murders. When they spot Cole, they’re ready to do anything to silence him. Cole will spend the whole night running away from them.

 8. The Silence

Best Horror Movies on Netflix in Halloween – The story of the movie takes place on Earth under the attack of terrifying creatures that hunt humans with voices. 16-year-old Ally Andrews, who has lost her hearing, is trying to survive with her family. However, an evil cult wants to take advantage of Ally’s other enhanced senses.

9. CAM

Best Horror Movies on Netflix in Halloween – Alice is an ambitious camera girl with a growing fan base. Someone who looks exactly like him takes over Alice’s account. Alice will do everything in her power to find out who this mysterious criminal is and get her identity back.

10. Apostle

In 1905, Thomas Richardson goes to an island to save his sister. Thomas tries to negotiate with a mysterious cult that kidnaps his sister and demands a ransom in return. But he was deceived. However, the cult got infected with the wrong man. Thomas has risked everything to end this sect and reveal its secrets.

We have listed the movies to watch on Halloween for you. Have a good time. Happy Halloween!

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