The Babadook Movie Review & Summary

The Babadook Movie Review & Summary

The Babadook movie tells the story of Amelia, who lost her husband 6 years ago and raised her son Samuel alone in the process. One day, he finds a mysterious tale book called Mister Babadook among his son’s books. After reading the book, Samuel tells him that he was dreaming of the Badabook monster. From this day on, mysterious things begin to happen. As Amelia destroys the book, the mysterious book somehow begins to reappear. On the other hand, Samuel’s nightmares will start to escalate, and this situation will start to shake Amelia. Could the mysterious Badadook, who began to embellish both Amelia’s and Samuel’s nightmares, be true?

The Babadook movie – Amelia tries to lift the burden of raising a child alone, excluded from society and affixed with a problematic label. For Amelia, their home turns into a cursed black hole that reveals her dark past, her fears she avoided, and her paranoid feelings. The Babadook, which is a story of insanity between Insomnia and Cabin Fever, is one of the most remarkable horror films of recent years with its symbolic narrative, the uncanny atmosphere that keeps the audience’s curiosity alive from moment to moment, and successful actor performances. The Babadook, which has been successfully produced, left the international festivals it participated in with many awards.

Directed and written by Jennifer Kent, the film features Essie Davis and child actress Noah Wiseman, who made a name for himself with his impressive performance!

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