Summer Of 85 Movie Review & Film Summary

Summer Of 85 Movie Review & Film Summary

Summer Of 85 Movie Review – The new film by François Ozon, one of the most important directors of contemporary French cinema, Summer of 85 movie, we see that the main character, Alexis, on a solo boat ride on a sunny day, did not go the way he wanted. As the name suggests, in this scene of the film, which tells about the events that took place during a summer season, Alexis’ journey is interrupted by the suddenly appearing dark clouds and the storm that suppresses the character to the point of drowning. The general course of Ozone’s 85 Writings adapted from Aidan Chambers’ novel Dance on My Grave is also in line with this scene. While everything seems to be going well, the negativities that appear are shaped by the dark clouds that appear suddenly while trying to be postponed; The film presents a story where the positive emotions that come to mind when summer is mentioned and heartbreaking developments follow each other like a cycle.

Summer Of 85 Movie Review: Dancing in the Graveyard

François Ozon brackets the story he tells with The Cure’s Inbetween Days. In summary, we can say that the lyrics of this song, whose music resonates positively enough to create a desire to dance, describe the feelings of a person whose mood is constantly fluctuating, who is angry from time to time. At the opening, after we heard about Alexis’ ideas about death by the police while being taken from one place to another, the instrumental hearing of this song along with the cut made to a beautiful Normandy beach dissipates the dark air at the first moment and draws the whole atmosphere to the waters similar to that of a summer movie. When we hear the same song together with the words in the closing credits, this time after high emotions such as Alexis’ tasting love and passion, abandoning it, facing death, it is darker, a new meaning that the main character faces his dark side in his life and “grows” after experiencing all these. coming out. In this context, we can read Summer 85 as a growing up story in which Alexis, who lived his first youth, encountered the dark sides of life in a period when the sun was shining brightly.


We learn that Alexis has a kind of interest in death and dead bodies before the movie brings the audience together with the warmth of summer. In other words, Ozone makes it clear in the first minutes that this is not a typical summer movie. Later, when Alexis is rescued by David from the storm we pointed out at the beginning of the article, a new phase begins in the life of the main hero. When Alexis, who comes from a family of workers, meets David, the child of a family that owns a shop in the area where the events took place, causes him to come face to face with feelings he has not experienced before. Strangely obsessed with death, living an ordinary life with his ordinary family, Alexis begins to have feelings he cannot avoid for the motorcycling “free” David, who runs the shop with his mother after the death of his father, but with David’s not wanting to stay in normalized relationship patterns This summer love story, in which it makes itself felt in a way, is getting closer to a harsh tragedy.

Ozon tells this story using whatever creates its own cinema. This preference goes beyond their own practice for a long time; It is the first to see an Ozone film from Ozone, who signed a war melodrama with Frantz, with Passion Game – L’amant double, a little Cronenberg and a little bit of De Palma, Confrontation – Grâce à Dieu, trying to build a public opinion about abusive priests. It is absolutely exciting at first. However, the aim of the director to return to the essence begins to get ahead of the story of the film after a certain point. Reminding visually the early period of Ozone’s career with its Super 16mm filming, 85 Writings travels on the verge of turning into a collage of the director’s filmography as the events take place in a summer setting, passions, sexuality and traumas guide the plot. Of course, we can add to the factors that created this situation that Alexis’ relationship with literature brings to mind a lot of At Home – Dans la maison. In the meantime, watching 85 Summer turns into an experience of “remembering the past” especially for the moviegoers who dominate the director’s filmography and causes the story to be told to dilute. But still, this story, which oscillates between love, passion and death, does not contain high-level creativity, where young lovers ride on motorcycles or David makes Alexis listen to music with headphones that takes him away from the party they are in, and the breakthrough he creates in the emotional world of the main character in a stylish way mirroring scenes multiply the viewing pleasure of Summer of 85 movie. Of course, it should be noted that the strong chemistry established between Félix Lefebvre, who portrayed Alexis, and Benjamin Voisin, who gave life to David, was also very effective.

85 Writing, which is likely to be memorable with its nostalgic tone and effective image management, is not one of François Ozon’s career peaks – it can even be said that it creates a sense of repetition – but it is obvious that it is a perfect taste for those who miss the style that the director shows signs of slowly moving away. 85 Summer is a film that traverses between passions and first love and death and traumas, with the use of functional music that signifies the episode of events, showing just how weary growth can actually be. The dance scene in the cemetery, which melts these phenomena, which we can describe as the two extreme poles of human nature, in the same pot, is not easily forgotten. But above all, perhaps the clearest thing to say about this movie is that it once again proves how good a storyteller Ozon is.

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