Sicario Movie Review plugged in & Film Summary

Sicario Movie Review plugged in & Film Summary

Sicario movie review plugged in available for you. Does Denis Villeneuve’s 2015 film succeed in getting what it wants to tell with its fiction out of memory?

Sicario movie is a 2015 Crime / Action movie directed by Denis Villeneuve. The production is about the story of a young FBI agent who wants to change his world. The film, shot in Chile, is directed by Roger Deakins. The script writer is Taylor Sheridan. Although the general quality of the film is quite high in all areas, our main focus here will be editing. Because I believe that the focus for the film is also fiction.

I couldn’t find a place to get bored while watching the movie. I’m sure I’d look at my phone and check my messages if I had the opportunity, but the movie wouldn’t allow. Because there is a fiction in every scene that you go deeper and you can’t get out of. I felt a similar structure in Arrival, another Denis Villeneuve movie I watched the same day. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to watch and watch two movies on the same day instead of watching movies for two months. I think this is largely due to fiction.

Before I begin to explain what I mean when talking about fiction, I want to say that there is nothing bad about the film. The director of photography for the movie is Roger Deakins and I think it would not be wrong to say that he is one of the best cinematographers alive. Deakins has done a great job here. The scale of the Juarez shots shown in the first half of the movie provides an unknown and dark character to the whole city.


Sicario Movie Review plugged in & Film Summary – Night shots are the best shots I’ve seen in any movie; you can really feel it is night. I remember wanting to hold onto my seat and make sure my feet were on the ground so I could see where I was while watching.

The casting and the acting itself are very well established in the roles in the film. Benicio del Toro plays a charismatic, mysterious CIA agent, and he’s very good at it. Josh Brolin, who we have seen as Thanos in the most recent Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, is also a great portrayal of a strong, confident and unsuspecting character in this movie. The lead actor of the movie is Emily Blunt. He portrays Kate, an aspiring and idealistic FBI agent, in a very convincing way.

Josh Brolin’s character Matt fills the frame at least as much as Thanos with his voice and gestures. He does this while wearing flip-flops. I believe this point should be emphasized especially; If a person is confident enough to wear flip-flops when planning an operation against cartel members, there is little that person cannot do. I can’t think of a detail that better describes self-confidence.


Sicario Movie Review plugged in & Film Summary – Seeing a character’s impact on people can be the best way to introduce that person to the audience, and Benicio del Toro’s character works great in this method. Stretching our main character as soon as we enter the plane makes the audience feel the atmosphere and strengthens the storytelling. This is a detail I noticed when I think about it, not when watching the movie. So when I was watching the movie, I never said, “I’m watching through Kate’s eyes right now.” It is nice that the film can handle such details without the audience noticing.

In the first parts of the article I said that editing is our main focus, but I cannot pass without praising the music prepared by Jóhann Jóhannsson. In the first act of Sicario, we get to know the main characters in the story and learn what they are trying to do: Two CIA agents – Matt (Josh Brolin) and Alejandro (Benicio del Toro) – are conducting a cross-border operation against cartel leaders, and to do this, an FBI agent with experience in the field. She recruits Kate (Emily Blunt) to her team. Kate is also aware that although she has been in the field for a long time, there is no meaningful change. The difference of this operation from the others is that their target is the leader of the cartel, which is good enough for Kate.

This is where the real effect of the music comes into play, once you get to know the main characters and understand their purpose. Now we know what to do and we are ready to see the operation. The main melody of the music slowly draws the audience into the film, as if dragging the audience into a swamp. Violins with tension flowing from their voices slowly pull the feeling of trust under your feet. It has such a strong influence that it can even be read from Kate’s face. In any of the scenes where I could hear the music, I did not dare to move, just like Kate, who did not dare to get out of the car in the midst of the conflict, in the traffic on the border of Juarez, I was pinned down. Like most of the technical elements used in the film, I felt the effect of the music, not itself, so we can say that it has been integrated quite successfully. It was not surprising to hear that he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Soundtrack.


Sicario Movie Review plugged in & Film Summary – Since we talked about general parts about the movie, we can move on to editing. There are two things I mean when I say fiction: The first is instant fiction; that is, the sequence of images in a scene following each other. The second is structural fiction; that is, the sequence of sequences in a movie. The most important piece of information provided by the snapshot transitions for this film is the part where we experience the story through Kate’s eyes. When the film takes us to new areas, it introduces us to these places in ways that parallel Kate’s mood, and uses music and instant editing to do so. For example, when a new and not very friendly character enters the story, we understand that character’s personality from a conversation with Kate. Promotions that take place in this way also connect us more strongly to our main character.

Instant editing is a difficult topic to think about, but let’s try it anyway. In this movie, instant editing, that is, the way the images that make up the scene are connected to each other, uses a straight timeline. However, before telling the audience what some images mean, and to Kate, whose point of view we shared, the pauses in the ongoing image create curiosity and tension.

To illustrate this, we can look at the third act of the movie. We see the team preparing to carry out the previously mentioned operation. The nearly set sun lights the sky in three colors, but this light does not illuminate the earth. In this lack of light, the open land with no beginning gives the audience a feeling of curiosity and tension. Everyone in the team wears night vision goggles, but no one can see their surroundings completely. With the distrust caused by this situation, the operation starts and the team enters the tunnel in a single line. But because Kate is at the back of the queue, she can’t see what’s going on in front of her. We cannot understand what happened because the camera is also following him. Scenes arranged in this way are a great example of creating tension and excitement with instant editing.


Sicario Movie Review plugged in & Film Summary – Structural editing is definitely one of the best things about the movie. This excites me for the movie Dune. What impresses me the most on this side of the fiction is the way the story is presented to the audience. To be more specific; the film does not easily convey the story to the audience.

You have to think and connect some points to understand the information in the scene and see what it means in the larger story. However, as I mentioned before, we experience the story through Kate’s eyes. Since Kate is a newbie to such operations, she is often unaware that there are points that need to be merged, and we are left in a similar situation as the audience. From the moment she meets Kate, Alejandro, and Matt, she doesn’t know exactly who they are and what the operation they are going to do means. “Who are these guys and why are we doing this?” The question is something we wondered about throughout the film, and the editing makes good use of it.

This structure of the editing also plays a big role in the fluency of the film. It transforms watching movies from being a passive action into an action you think about every scene. Another effect of this technique is that it makes some scene transitions faster and shows a result that the audience can normally achieve, while the audience is still in the thinking phase, increasing the strikingness of the scene. This means that the scene transitions are enriched with a lot of emotions such as tension, curiosity, excitement, confusion and surprise, and watching the movie turns into an enjoyable event.

This is not the only Villeneuve movie whose fictional structure is so impressive; It can be seen in almost all of his movies. It is therefore very exciting what a director who can turn an ordinary story into a good cinema can reveal from a world as magnificent as Dune.

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