Return of Roman Polanski to Academy Denied
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Return of Roman Polanski to Academy Denied

A decision was made in the lawsuit filed by Roman Polanski, who was dismissed from the Academy in 2018, for the return of his membership. The court did not accept Polanski’s request.

Convicted of raping Samantha Geimer in 1977 at the age of 13, Roman Polanski lost his prestige in Hollywood and was unable to make a film in the US. Polanski’s films, which have been on the agenda with a sexual abuse scandal for a long time, continue to find distributors in Europe and even be shown at important festivals. Indeed, the director’s latest film, J’accuse, or An Officer and a Spy in English, made its world premiere at the 76th Venice Film Festival. Moreover, the film was able to return from the festival with four awards, including the Grand Jury Prize and the FIPRESCI Prize. In addition, Polanski was awarded the Best Director award at the 45th César Awards for his movie J’accuse.

Roman Polanski, who continues to make attempts to gain acceptance in the cinema world outside of Europe, initiated a legal process for the return of his membership to the Academy for this purpose. As you know, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) dismissed the director from his membership in the Academy in May 2018, after Polanski’s crimes were brought back to the agenda in 2017.

The Los Angeles Supreme Court Denied The Director’s Extradition Request.

A verdict came out today in the lawsuit filed by Roman Polanski for the return of his membership in the Academy. Los Angeles Supreme Court Judge Mary Strobel denied the director’s request for extradition. Strobel decided that the Academy gave Polanski the opportunity to defend himself and present evidence to prove his innocence, and that the dismissal decision was in line with the Code of Ethics of the Academy.

Roman Polanski had previously accused the court in Los Angeles of dishonesty and asked that the case be taken to another court. However, the director does not seem to object to this decision. Roman Polanski’s lawyer told Deadline that the director had no intention of appealing this decision at the moment.

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