Netflix’s New Movie The Life Ahead (2020) Review

Netflix’s New Movie The Life Ahead (2020) Review

Sophia Loren is one of the most elegant actresses who have been on the big screen since the 1950s. In the 2000s, he was taken to rest in terms of his career. The movie Nine (2009) by Rob Marshall had also fulfilled the longing for him. Now we got the chance to watch Sophia Loren to your heart’s content. The name of this chance was the fortune of the Netflix adaptation The Life Ahead movie.

The Life Ahead is based on the striking novel “The Life Before Us,” which won the Goncourt Academy Literature Award for the second time for French writer Romain Gary. Edoardo Ponti, the second son of Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti, sits on the director’s chair. So if we say that Loren handed herself over to her most trusted hand, we wouldn’t be exaggerating. Edoardo Ponti also played his cards, being aware of the power of the text he was holding and to adapt, and keeping the emotional dose of the story at the highest level allowed by the art of cinema. Because it is not child’s play to feed Auschwitz and the Holocaust, prostitution, drugs, adolescent children growing orphans and orphans, old age, and ultimately the poverty in the slums of a make-up city without getting into agitation and making human stories out of it.

The Life Ahead Successfully Explains Many Important Issues


In this sense, we can say that it has been a project Netflix desires in terms of production. It caresses our heads by watching many disadvantaged groups and themes together. Ultimately, he manages to put the next movie / series option in front of us in seconds by putting a towel on our old eyes. I’d really like to see this movie in a movie theater with other moviegoers who would probably take a sigh, for the sense of cinema. The Life Ahead is a production where you just sit in that dark while the credits are flowing, and you have to digest a bit.

Madama Rosa, who earned her life for many years by raising the remaining children of ‘outgoing’ prostitutes to earn money, is one of the lucky few who survived the Jewish genocide. It is one of the oldest in the neighborhood and has somehow old friendship with everyone. But life has damaged Rosa, who has raised dozens of children of others. One day Dr. Coen asks Momo, the orphan under his tutelage, to open his house; Not wanting to deal with a troubled child, Rosa, no matter how hard she resists, finally accepts this young Senegalese into her home. With these two opposite characters, the main conflict of the movie is established.

As we mentioned above, there are multiple doses of different themes in this story. Each strand is handled fairly well. Against desolation, poverty and repression, Momo built walls from violence and sheltering to the ‘strong one’ in order to survive without being defeated again … Judaism, inherited from memories to future generations … transsexual, prostitute individual… The fact that white-collar Italians are worth a cellar for the drug market, even if only on a visual level… And finally, two extreme generations, who are almost 70 years old, open their doors to each other because of both need and love.

86-Year-Old Sophia Loren Does a Great Job


Sophia Loren, 86, dressed up as Madama Rosa and appeared in front of the camera. In all that she became the Italian ‘husband wife’. From his witchcraft to his compassion, to his determination to hold onto life with the pen he draws while still feeling the pain of the past in his heart, you watch the movie for Madama Rosa, even if you don’t watch it for anything. On the other hand, child actor İbrahima Gueye shines in the “promising young actress” category with the character of Momo (Mohammed), which she carries in her first feature film. Director Ponti has also managed to use the child actors well. Momo’s character transformation towards “good”, which we do not encounter much in the real world, is quite successful. Perhaps we need the good endings of the character with which we identify a little, and a little more the affection of the romance movement?

The Life Ahead, which came out of the hands of a technically strong production team, gives a viewing pleasure that spreads throughout the film in this sense. The art and cinematography of Rosa’s house and especially the basement shelter are like lessons. Unsurprisingly, the movie is set to check the Academy with Sophia Loren in its Oscar nomination, but technically it has to do justice to Netflix production, including music.

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