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Netflix The Social Dilemma Review & Summary (2020)

Netflix The Social Dilemma Review & Summary – Netflix, which is the lifeblood of the pandemic era for the Internet audience, started to broadcast some more striking and attractive content in September compared to the summer. One of them is the Social Dillemma documentary, which examines the social media channels that many of us are addicted to. Online broadcasting platforms have greatly changed the content of the documentary genre, especially in the last five years. Ever since the so-called documentary called What The Health in 2017, I have always approached Netflix documentary films with other questions and doubts in my mind. For you should know that there is no Michael Moore before you.

Returning to the discussion on the Netflix the Social Dilemma, the movie opens with the words of the famous tragedian writer Sophocles “All the great events that come into the lives of deaths bring with it a curse.” He warns his audience that he will watch a “cursed” stream from the very first minute.

The production divided its dramatic fiction into a triple structure, as in many examples. Interviews with technology geniuses who were once an all-star staff of Silicon Valley, especially Tristan Harris, formerly Google’s Design Ethics, are fed into a fictional family structure, and the social responses of the problem are evaluated with scientific examples by another group of academics. . Thanks to this backbone, “How has social media taken over us all?” It is transformed into a fluent program with sensational confessions from within, algorithm simulations and some archive data.


Netflix The Social Dilemma Review & Summary – It is striking, of course, to listen to the process that transforms Silicon Valley from the monotony of buildings where a group of d nerds produce software and hardware into a flagship that will affect political and social trends around the world (aside from individuals). However, it should not be forgotten that all the names that speak have an adjective “former” in front of their titr. So each of them talks about their ‘previous’ career and adds, “I decided to resign because I realized I couldn’t have any more positive influence.” Unfortunately, it was too late when these real people, who were in the creative, productive and decision-making positions of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and even Uber, realized that the titan they created with a collective mind and competitiveness began to eat their own children.

With the proposition that everyone interested in digital communication and marketing knows, “If you get a service / product for free, you are actually the product”, the transformation of internet and social media users into a product that is bought and sold without even realizing it is expressed by Harris. Moreover, it connects to how the digital marketing world, where the advertising industry is rampaging, is driven by artificial intelligence algorithms that are increasingly familiar with human psychology but lack ethics. At this very point, the gap where the technology created and imposed drags hundreds of thousands of employees who “have to eat bread from digital” around the world. If not, victim end users! But are they all tied together by the belly button?

The digital leg of the huge advertising industry, which cannot be considered separate from social and individual psychology, today alone holds 50% of its global market share. So much so that this figure is expected to increase much more at the end of 2020 due to unexpected pandemic conditions. And dear ‘tech gurus’, sorry but you did it! All written, visual and even audio content produced today has to be in accordance with the Google SEO algorithm in terms of form, even if it is not very important what it says or does not have any practical use to users. How many springs have passed since creating creative and native language content was sacrificed to digital advertising and social media marketing strategies. As a content designer, you are nothing if you are unaware of the KPIs of digital marketing. It doesn’t matter how comprehensive or scientific you are producing an academic paper against an influencer. Let’s take you to Google Scholar, if somebody calls, they will find it there.


Netflix The Social Dilemma Review & Summary – The Social Dilemma movie shot and translated by Jeff Orlowski tried to put the parties on the table with the good and the bad, “Well, what do we do now as a solution?” The answer given by the same gurus to the question is rather weak. Personally, I suppose it has been 5 years since I closed my Gmail and Instagram notifications. It is not a solution to express the fact that the evolution of human nature has lagged behind the technological evolution in the last 100 years and to ignore the wild capitalist environment where digital communication has transformed in 10 years by saying “I do not play anymore”. Confessing “We didn’t imagine it like this, yes it’s a bit out of control,” and saying “Don’t give children phones or tablets at an early age” is not even a band-aid for the dystopic madness we fall into. Because they print a tablet discount advertisement in the back to school season or as a report card gift at the beginning of the hour, again thanks to you! If we see a specific topic in a private WhatsApp chat, which is supposedly end-to-end encrypted and protected, as an Instagram advertisement after 5 minutes, what good is it if we uninstall the application and close it? Do you think that dear algorithms will stop following you when you get paid Youtube or Spotify membership to get rid of ads?

I can share with you many more examples that will bother you, especially the mind-blowing e-newsletters that come across in the name of marketing in pandemic conditions and create the main dilemma. But the article went far above SEO standards. Instead, I suggest that Twitter has turned into a voice-over mechanism for disadvantaged individuals, that it functions to our benefit in creating public outcry despite all the crazed discussions, and watch the Social Dilemma movie with even more questions in your mind and at least turn off your mobile phone notifications.

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