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Netflix is Testing a Linear Streaming Mode

Netflix is ​​testing a new mode in which it will deliver selected content to viewers linearly like a 24-hour broadcast of a television channel. This service was announced under the name Netlix Direct.

Growing rapidly and increasing its investment in both original and licensed content as it grows, Netflix offers dozens of new content to its users every month. However, the absence of a curator in this crowd of content paves the way for many productions to be ignored. This makes the Netflix viewing experience limited to popular content for viewers. One of the main criticisms brought to the platform is that Netflix offers its content to its audience without any significant curation. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago, successful director Christian Petzold also brought this issue to the agenda. He stated that he hated digital platforms such as Netflix and Amazon, as they had no curatorial aspect.

The new mode that Netflix has recently started testing in France makes us think that the company takes these criticisms into account. In this new mode, called Netflix Direct, the contents are presented to the viewers in a linear manner, just like a 24-hour broadcast of a television channel. This new mode, which started testing on November 5, will be available in all France from the beginning of December. Below is the image shared by Deadline to show you how this mod will work.


Netflix Direct, Currently Only Available in France

Netflix explained that “traditional TV consumption” is quite common in France, viewers in the country generally do not prefer to choose between the contents, so it tested the linear streaming mode in France. This feature is currently only available in France and via web browsers. This mod is not currently included in the Netflix app. Likewise, it is still unclear whether this mode, which is still in the testing phase, will be available outside of France.

Although the main purpose behind the development of this new mod is not to add a curatorial aspect to the platform, it is certain that this mod will have such an impact. Because in this linear streaming mode, Netflix needs to determine the contents. This opens the door to highlight not only popular content but also new discoveries.

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