Maggie Movie Review & Film Summary

Maggie Movie Review & Film Summary

Maggie Movie Story – A young girl named Maggie is a young girl who lives herself in a small Midwest town. But he’s exposed to the virus that lurks around and turns people into zombies; but the effects of this virus are slowly emerging… His father Wade earns his living as a seasonal farmer. As Maggie’s condition gets serious day by day, her father will do her best to help her… Directed by Henry Hobson, the film stars Abigail Breslin and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Maggie Movie Review

What’s the principal thing you’d think about when the words ‘zombie film’ and Arnold Schwarzenegger‘ are assembled? Arnie utilizing a Gatling gun to cut down the undead by the truckload? A body check equaling the quantity of cast and team in the film? No and probably not. All things being equal, Hobson keeps down on the violence and goes for something more nuanced, supported by an environmental melodic score (David Wingo’s arrangements, sounding suggestive of film score author Cliff Martinez’ work). Furthermore, Arnold discharge just a single shotgun shell in the film!

Swim Vogel (Arnie, reasonably rough), his second spouse Caroline (Richardson) and Maggie (Breslin) live on a ranch in the Midwest. He gets the terrible news one day that his little girl was tainted with the ‘necroambulist infection’s and now has her days numbered. At last, she will be set in isolate – basically left to ‘turn’ (totally lose one’s mankind) and either pass on or be eaten alive by different patients who have likewise ‘turned’. In the two occurrences, an appalling end anticipates Maggie, and her father won’t see her enduring that. Maggie realizes her life has for all time changed however she will stubbornly clutch her ‘genuine’ self.

Lukas Ettlin’s (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Middle Men) cinematography is compelling however now and again, things can veer towards being all in all too melancholy. The film rides such a center ground among frightening and family show and it investigates the opposite side of a zombie film – the human side sans brutality. Refreshingly, hop alarms are constantly evaded as well. Breslin’s exhibition is both serious just as moving. However, most shockingly, Maggie sees a fairly fascinating difference in speed for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who pulls off playing a mindful, touchy character really well undoubtedly.

Maggie Movie Rating – 5,5/10

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