Mad Money The Movie Review & Film Summary
Mad Money (2008)

Mad Money The Movie Review & Film Summary

Mad Money The Movie Story – When Bridget learns that she is about to lose her home, she panics. His wife, Don, was fired. Bridget tries to find a job. However, he cannot find a job since he has never done anything other than housewife. Eventually he starts working as a janitor at the Federal Reserve Bank. There, Bridget meets the mother of two, Nina and the free-spirited Jackie. Three women become friends in a short time. An idea comes into the minds of these three women looking for a way out. They will rob the bank where they work. Directed by Callie Khouri, the film will be Katie Holmes‘ first post-birth film.

Mad Money The Movie Review

A lot of young lady criminals choose to ransack the Federal Bank of a portion of the large numbers that have been accumulated for the shredder machine, on the grounds that as the posse chief Bridget (Diane Keaton) demands, this is simply reusing, not taking. Furthermore, they do it with panache, since they work there and realize how to dupe security. Keaton’s a janitor who needs the cash to repay her gigantic obligations.

Latifah’s the shredder who fantasies about sending her children to costly non-public schools. Furthermore, Holmes is the truck young lady who wheels the old cash bills while longing for a superior life.

It’s a meeting up of three weirdos who dream the American dream and see nothing incorrectly in accomplishing it whichever way.

Obviously, this isn’t exactly the awesome the serious weapons like Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah nor is it hot enough for Katie Holmes. Be that as it may, snapshots of moxie do the trick to bring the film through, with Keaton driving the bratpack through some powerful anarchy.

Mad Money The Movie Rating – 5,8/10

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