Like A Boss Movie Cast, Review & Film Summary

Like A Boss Movie Cast, Review & Film Summary

Like A Boss Movie Cast & Story – Like A Boss tells the story of two friends who started a company together. Mia and Mel are two young women who are close friends. Friends who want to give a different direction to their lives decide to establish a cosmetics company together. In the company that they established from scratch as a result of long efforts, things go well when they wait. Mia and Mel live the best time of their lives thanks to the companies they manage. However, after a while, this job endangers the friendship of Mia and Mel, who have different characters.

Like A Boss Movie Cast & Review

The independent proprietors of ‘Mel&Mia’ are near insolvency but then, the cheeky young ladies are brilliantly making the most of their status as explicitly freed single ladies, who decided to be flat mates even in the wake of being attached to one another’s hips for more than 20 years. In comes the quick and scheming make-up head honcho Claire Luna (Salma Hayek), with a sack brimming with money and some deceitful thoughts up her sleeves. Mel is the ‘furtively meaner’ one and Mia has her hesitations about this overgenerous financial specialist – one needs to get rid of the obligation, while the other is attempting to railroad the previous against it. Will cash and individual acknowledgment make a fracture between these two center school amigos?

Ten minutes into the film, and even a layman realizes that the storyline of ‘Like A Boss’ is a watered-down variant of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ meets ‘Sex and the City’. For one, Salma Hayek, as this fraud of a business person, is a finished maverick and the discoursed that she mouths are an exemplary illustration of what indolent composing resembles. You realize it isn’t working for chief Miguel Arteta when the character Claire Luna says, creating a quality of self-importance around her, that ‘individuals don’t remain closest companions once cash comes in’, however looks lively and doesn’t have a strand of unpleasantness in her voice. Additionally, the jokes in this satire trick are flat. Maybe in zillions of visit shows that she has been to, Hayek’s seen nonchalantly tossing around a joke or two about her bosoms – a joke that would have worked five years prior, however holds next to no pertinence now. Tiffany Haddish, with her thick emphasize and witticism, is a finished regular; deeply clever and one of the two reasons you would need to endure the film. Rose Byrne, as the human satisfying, approval looking for Mel, is a character that is relatable on such countless levels – she is a hard worker and has large dreams, yet the dread of being judged is continually stalling her. The two entertainers’ science on screen emanates appeal and looks natural. In the subsequent half, there are parts when one can’t resist the opportunity to get heartbroken when the two cry over their melancholy pasts.

Having said that, it is totally difficult to look past the blemishes, unremarkableness and consistency of the plot and how the peak was ended up in tearing rush – hint: it is too advantageous and far eliminated from the real world… in any event, for a satire romantic comedy! The humor begins with rib-stimulating material and afterward downgrades to vile satire with hardly a pause in between.

To summarize it, the experience of watching ‘Like A Boss‘ resembles returning to secondary school in a not really nostalgic manner. However, on the off chance that you are thankful for your best amigo and might want to impart a light second to him/her, watch it for the feels.

Like A Boss Movie Cast & Rating – 4,5/10

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