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Judd Apatow to Make Comedy Movie for Netflix

Successful director Judd Apatow is moving to Netflix after 15 years of collaboration with Universal. The director will shoot movies for a streaming platform for the first time. An official statement was shared from Netflix on this subject. Finally, Apatow, who made The King of Staten Island movie, will produce a comedy for Netflix.

Judd Apatow, the successful director of productions such as Trainwreck, The 40 Year old Virgin, This Is 40, signed a deal with Netflix. The name of the movie that the director will bring to life has not been announced yet. However, a statement came from Netflix: “Judd Apatow’s new movie will be on Netflix! The movie will be a comedy about actors and actresses coming to a hotel to shoot a movie and get stuck due to the epidemic. will write together. ”

No statement has yet been made about the names that will be cast in the new comedy movie. According to rumors, the reason behind Judd Apatow’s choice of Netflix over Universal is that the streaming company has progressed the productions very quickly. It is not yet known when action will be taken for the film.

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