iPhone 12 Pro Max viewed live!

iPhone 12 Pro Max viewed live!

The information emerging for Apple’s highly anticipated new flagship smartphones continues to increase. There have been some leaks related to the screen of the device before. However, this time, the screen features and appearance of the iPhone 12 Pro Max appeared quite clearly.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Is Revealed In All Details!

Important information about the new iPhone, whose launch date was postponed, was leaked yesterday. The screen features of the device partially revealed before; Some points from both screen features and other details were shared on Twitter.

According to the sharing, the screen features of the iPhone 12 Pro Max have been largely determined. The screen of the device; It will have 6.7 inches in size, 120 Hz refresh rate and an OLED panel called Super Retina. The screen of the device, which also has Haptic Touch feature, will come with a resolution of 2788 x 1224 pixels. It is also said that the ppi value of the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen will be 458. Let’s underline that this value indicates how many pixels are in each inch.

The battery and some camera details of the device, which was viewed live and the screen features were leaked, also surfaced. We see that the LiDAR sensor will appear on the device and it can also be used for night mode.

On the video side, the phone is said to be capable of 4K 120 FPS and 240 FPS slow motion.

If we come to the battery side of the device, its capacity is not yet known, but it turns out that it will have 20W fast charging support.

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