Honey Boy Reviews & Film Summary

Honey Boy Reviews & Film Summary

Honey Boy Reviews & Film Summary – Honey Boy is an emotional movie. It’s a personal movie. It’s a movie that manages to tackle complex problems and stay simple. Shia LaBeouf’s first script experience. Alma Har’s first directorial experience. It describes the first experiences of a young child in life. It describes the way a huge man cannot bear life. It also tells about the inability of another huge man to bear life.


Shia LaBeouf is a really successful writer. The fact that he wrote about his experiences does not change this. The movie feels like a medium length. Despite its slow pace, it is an immersive movie. The fact that what is written is personal, and that it covers every aspect of what is experienced allows you not to get confused while watching the new scenes seen by the new characters, but to accept the scene with the thought of “Life has this direction anyway”.

Alma Har’el is a really successful director. Its frames show the nostalgia of memories that never happened. This feeling is not the first time I got used to Honey Boy, I also experience the same when listening to Beirut’s songs. The fact that the camera in Har’s hand gives this feeling is one of the biggest elements that make the movie personalized for the audience. In pre-rehabilitation scenes, “Are we watching a movie or is it real life?” I’m not sure if my thought was because I couldn’t focus on the movie yet, or was it a feeling Har’el intended. However, I will write this as a tribute to his household.


Honey Boy Reviews & Film Summary – Shia LaBeouf is a really successful actor. Living with the real owner of the role he plays for years does not change this. The fact that a father who has not been able to “live” his job is trying to keep his son not the same, trying to hide the questions that he could not find answers to despite his past age, really reflects the complexity of his character. Noah Jupe is also a successful actor. While learning about love and hate for a child who had to grow up early, he does not find it difficult to reflect the traumas and reactions he has experienced on the camera. Lucas Hedges is also a successful actor. He never grins as he shows this boy trying to stand on his feet with PTSD caused by his experiences in a young adult. It also carries that soldier shave, which does not suit the rectangular skull LaBeouf exposed us at that time.

The makeup department is successful. Until I saw LaBeouf’s one-of-a-kind nose in profile, they did such a good job that I could not recognize him.

LaBeouf’s career was lived in front of our eyes with all its scandals. Unsuccessful movies, accidents, rehabilitation. It really upset those who loved that a young and open-ended star went down day by day. He also wrote the script for this movie as part of his rehabilitation process. The film begins with Otis, a young and open-minded star entering rehabilitation. She is diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder from her doctor. In the words of Percy, his roommate at the rehabilitation center, “I thought that curse was only on soldiers and blacks.” Surprised by his diagnosis, Otis returns to his childhood with his doctor.

Honey Boy star continues with the life of the nascent child actor Otis. Otis, whose parents are divorced and her mother has built a life with her new lover, is fighting agencies and flexible working hours. However, he hires his father as his manager with the intention of helping him not to miss school or his childhood. His father, James Lort, is a rodeo clown and former addict who can no longer find a job. What he did while he was under the influence of drugs returned as a harassment case and he spent years in prison; The only person who has given him a job as a former convict is his 12-year-old son.


Honey Boy Reviews & Film Summary – James is a truly fallen person. It bothers him to eat his son’s money. It is annoying that his ex-wife is the father of his new lover’s son as he should be. The bad working conditions of his son bothers him. It bothers her that all the women she tries to get close to see her as nothing but a harasser. It bothers him that he can no longer use cocaine, which was the way to escape all this in the past. It bothers him that his advisory group, his only branch, is full of religious maniacs and false optimists. Taking all this boredom from his son, who is the only thing he loves in his life, is also the biggest reason that annoys him. Throughout the movie, he struggles and falters to be a better father to his son. His son also sees his father’s faltering, but he cannot forget that their faltering was ultimately mistreatment of him. While smoking and joking together in one scene, watching the shouts in the next, you can understand that the trauma does not only appear in “soldiers and blacks”.

The movie ends with the great Otis finally making peace with himself and his past. For what happened after rehabilitation, you should examine LaBeouf’s life as reflected in the magazine, but not after what the movie wants to tell. He’s worried about that moment, not the next. How we can deal with our troubled childhood is just telling. It really ends as a story of a father and son who loves each other despite all his problems. Despite its great writing and top management, Honey Boy was a movie that the Academy missed. You don’t need any special admiration for LaBeouf to enjoy it as an emotional and personal story of growth.

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