Extraction Movie Review & Summary

Extraction Movie Review & Summary

Extraction Movie Review plugged in & Summary – We are now familiar with the approach Netflix has taken in selecting its own films to date. Extraction, which is literally a combination of the 90s and 2000s, stands at an interesting point in this respect. To be clear, we know that Netflix prefers relatively niche stories that have not been opened before, while producing feature films, and tries to create productions that go out of the industry hierarchy in terms of narrative and content and will attract people’s attention in a highly competitive environment. Of course, we now understand that this does not necessarily mean that good and quality films will be produced. Looking from here, it is understood that Netflix is ​​now setting its eyes on the biggest castle in the hands of big studios, after its investment in an epic Martin Scorsese project (The Irishman) that the studios have not resisted, and Marriage Story, where it entered the Oscar race with Noah Baumbach, one of the brand names of American independent cinema. . By signing a blockbuster, an action movie of the kind that demands to be seen in the movie theater (which the audience prefers to watch more in the cinema), with a world-class star starring in a hyper-mega-budget, Netflix is ​​a giant for studios that produce content that is served directly to theaters. He may have been intimidated by Extraction. Because Extraction proceeds exactly the way these blockbuster movies open and builds its entire existence on being an “ambitious action movie”. Mission: Impossible – aims to present to the audience visually the promises of the Mission: Impossible series films, mainly comic adaptations using the trukes of action cinema, and great examples such as Mad Max: Fury Road. At the same time, he comes out with a script adapted by Joe Russo (Brothers Russo), who we are familiar with from the Marvel world, from a comic book named Ciudad. The director of the film is Sam Hargrave, who is also a very experienced stunt man, who also undertakes the stunt coordination of many giant films.

Extraction: An Action In Blood Revan

Extraction Movie Review plugged in – In Extraction we watch the story of a mercenary named Tyler Sake. Tyler is a former military man who lives with the ghost of his son, whom he lost years ago. Today, he has nothing to live for except money, and this is the only piece of information the movie gives us about the character, which he has repeatedly repeated throughout its duration. His new job is very challenging. In the war between two men, one of the biggest drug lords in India and the other in Bangladesh, Ovi, the son of a drug lord in prison, has been kidnapped. The duty to bring the child safe is given to Tyler, in exchange for a high sum. The thing that Tyler is unaware of is that the drug lord named Asif, who kidnapped the boy, is a very powerful person who even took the country’s army into his hand. Although Tyler faces various difficulties, with a well-planned operation, he manages to reach the shelter where Ovi is being held and “take” the child, but afterwards the chain of events that started a civil war in the city almost burned.


The biggest promise of Extraction is undoubtedly the ceaseless action that never ends and sets the bar very high. While building this, we can also say that he used the elements that we are apparently familiar with the species. Tyler, played by Chris Hemsworth, is a character derived from the blend of modern action heroes with his unique trauma and unceasing nose. However, the movie does not reveal any of the features of Tyler that make him unique as a character (including the simplest questions such as why this character, why this story) for a long time. This makes it difficult to identify with Tyler’s role and the motivation of the character. The film does not reveal a narrative other than recitation dialogues and cardboard intimacy that first comes to mind about the friendship that develops between Tyler and Ovi in ​​deadly action scenes. The emotional infrastructure of the story, which is based on both characters, is so weak that the huge action scenes reach the callousness of war games after a point. Although the film is an adaptation of a comic book, it sees third world countries as a ruined backyard where they can play a war game, when there is no strong story behind all those people who died and were injured during the two-hour conflict that left the streets of Bangladesh in blood and the endless violence we watch. The film turns into a contemporary dystopia, where the conflicts created by the imperial powers and what is happening we watch without feeling on television.

Extraction Movie Reviews plugged in – At one point in the movie, the person who hired Tyler to rescue Ovi, Saju (Randeep Hooda), a friend of Ovi’s father, is trying to kidnap the boy from Tyler himself, as he cannot pay the money he has to pay Tyler. Saju seems to turn into a very critical character at this point. However, this move does not deepen the story, but turns into a situation that frustrates Tyler. It leaves the audience with a feeling like “Should we just watch Saju’s story?” Saju, Asif, who kidnapped Ovi, and Ovi’s father Mahajan Sr. a character who finds the solution to take a gun because he is not as rich. In this context, there is a much stronger story promise than Tyler, but the inclusion of Saju as a second alpha character in the story does not turn into a dramatically calculated move, it only changes the direction and course of the action.

Although he couldn’t put a strong narrative about the character and the story, it should be said that director Sam Hargrave made good action scenes. Especially in the middle of the movie, after the encounter between Tyler and Saju, there is a wonderfully designed 8-10-minute episode that is set up as a single plan and takes place in several separate venues, which can enter anthologies. The design of this section, which uses the technical elements of cinema to the fullest, is perfect in terms of timing, sound editing and image management. Unfortunately, the film approaches the characters it places around this entire bill as a toy, and the story as an excuse to make all this happen. It is not a movie that does not take itself seriously that such a choice can work, but Extraction proceeds with a seriousness that it cannot fill. This is the biggest drawback of the movie.

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