Enola Holmes Review & Film Summary

Enola Holmes Review & Film Summary

Enola Holmes Review – This is the Enola Holmes review. Directed by Harry Bradbeer and with Jack Thorne as the screenwriter, the production is based on Nancy Springer’s novel series.

The movie, released on Netflix at the time we live in the shadow of the coronavirus, was adapted from the first book of Nancy Springer’s six-book series of the same name called “The Case of the Missing Marquess” (2006).

The production stars Millie Bobby Brown, who achieved great success with Stranger Things. He is accompanied by famous actors such as Henry Cavill (Sherlock), Sam Claflin (Mycroft) and Helena Bonham Carter (Miss Holmes). Set in 1884 England, the newest member of the Holmes Family; It is about the life of the brilliant and resourceful Enola and his first case.

Living with her mother in a rural area, Enola finds herself on an adventure when her mother suddenly disappears one morning. The reverse cipher method in the name of the Enola character is the biggest weapon of our hero in this case. His memories also help Enola, who is talented at deciphering words in words. On the one hand, Enola tries to solve the riddles he encounters, on the other hand, he paints an emotional character portrait. With his fondness for freedom and his opposition to stereotypes, this portrait has an important place in the film.

After deciphering the message his mother left, Enola immediately follows him to London. In this journey, Lord Tewksbury is his companion, representing the choices and administration of that period. The character of Lord, played by Louis Partridge, also has thoughts parallel to Enola’s ideas. Our hero Enola is unwittingly drawn into a mysterious case when the Lord, who is traveling on the train as a fugitive, enters the story.


Enola Holmes Review – In particular, we can say that Enola’s age (16) determined the group that the film addresses. The two-time nomination of author Nancy Springer’s 6-book series for the Edgar Best Child Mystery Awards is proof of this. Netflix’s commitment to the series is also very important at this point. She successfully reflected Springer’s opposition to the masculine hero narrative on the big screen.

With a little emotional, a little funny, a little adventure and a little mystery, Enola Holmes can be rated as mediocre or below average by adult individuals. The inclusion of Sherlock and Mycroft characters in the film seems to target the adult segment. Sure, “Can you do without them?” The question may come to mind.

The most important issue emphasized by the film is equal living and voting rights in accordance with the conditions of the period. Of course, it does not pass without mentioning the distinction between men and women in the society. In this respect, it offers a critical perspective to the audience. Sherlock and Mycroft’s “You should get married, you should be a lady,” attitude and their willingness to send Elona to a school against their will, shows the audience the two older brothers as conservative individuals. Our hero, who runs through mystery and adventure, represents the women of the period with this aspect. Because at that time, female individuals were trained like robots and could not even vote in elections.

Although it feels like watching a family movie at first, the production gets into the mood of those familiar Holmes movies as the events unfold and the mother disappears and the young lord is also involved in the story. The good fiction and the fun methods in the transitions, as well as the fact that our hero defeated Sherlock at the end of his journey officially makes us say “horn ear passed”. Of course, whether Sherlock did this on purpose or not remains a “small” mystery.


Since we have been following the story with Enola for almost the entire film, we cannot recognize the supporting characters in the film very well. This prevents us from making a detailed comment about the performance of the players. But Henry Cavill’s charming face, who portrayed Sherlock, made Sherlock’s character even more cute. As a matter of fact, his initial abstention / conservative attitude disappears towards the end of the film. Thus, the difference between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock and Springer’s Sherlock is also revealed.

The lead role, Millie Bobby Brown, performed well for her age. As a matter of fact, the majority of the audience liked it. In addition to the beauty of the beauty adding color to the role, the dialogue and gestures appealing to the audience on the stages show how successful she has made her role.

The movie reflected the period of events very well and the designed costumes also served as a complementary task. In addition, Enola’s change of clothes more than once throughout the movie emphasized the importance given to the costumes.

As a result, Enola Holmes is more appealing to younger audiences. However, when we compare it with other content of Netflix, it is presented as a very good movie. When we look at the course, it seems that we may encounter the announcement of the Enola Holmes 2 movie in the upcoming period.

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