New Mulan Disney Movie Review & Summary

New Mulan Disney Movie Review & Summary

The 1998 Disney animation Mulan was a very entertaining and iconic film about the process of turning a young girl into a hero by proving herself on the battlefield. That’s why I got excited when I found out that Disney was shooting Mulan as a live action movie. But after seeing that this was the movie made, I said I wish there had never been a new movie.

Mulan Disney has a story you already know, the Huns threaten the frontiers of the Chinese Empire in this movie. Seated on the golden throne, the Chinese Emperor makes a decision that a male of each family should serve in the Imperial Army to protect their country from invaders. Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honorable warrior, fears for the health of her sick father, and instead joins the battle by disguising herself as a man.

Mulan Disney is turning its cool animations into live action movies one after another. A similar project, Aladdin, managed to keep the audience busy, though not as much as its animation, largely because of Will Smith. But Mulan has no such power. Not much is left of the original story. They destroyed a lot of characters, changed what happened and re-narrated. The new Mulan is a fairy tale that completely neglects the fun, takes itself too seriously, and as such it is very boring.

Disney Mulan, A Boring Movie Far From The Original Story


Heroes have always existed. The comic book hero Red Sonya that I read as a child or Belit, the queen of the black coasts, who was her companion in Conan’s adventures in Africa, Valeria in the movie Conan, Sarah Connor of the Terminator and dozens more… Mulan thinks she is a pioneering production but Hollywood heroes have to discover It’s been a long time, even before the eastern cinema… Mulan is a young Chinese girl and it is good to learn. The stories that can be considered the ancestors of the Far East fighting movies that were very popular for a period were already heroic stories. Cinema historians point to Lady Knight Li Feifei (1925) as the first wuxia film. And yet, it seems strange for Mulan to boast that “we will make room for female heroes in the cinema”. When the movie constantly tries to raise the heroine issue, it moves away from the original story and becomes boring.

When the female director was appointed in accordance with the current political correctness to the heroine film, the project went astray altogether. Disney may think he has Kathryn Bigelow, but Niki Caro has no idea how to make an action movie. Think about it, you have the Far East fighting legends Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Jason Scott Lee and you manage to stretch the audience.

4 screenwriters wrote the script of Mulan, which even elementary school students would find stale. Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek… People are terrified when they see the work from 4 heads. I hope that Niki Caro, who was seated in that chair when there were so many directors who were adept at shooting such stories, will return to his own small films after this project that exceeds his height. The only good thing about the movie for me was watching the protagonist Yi Fei Liu take over the role.

Mulan is an unexpected disappointment from Disney… It is possible to understand why the movie will not be shown in the USA. Because it is not a job that will either make a theater screening or turn the audience fleeing in the pandemic.

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