Danny Boyle to direct “Sex Pistols” for FX

Danny Boyle to direct “Sex Pistols” for FX

Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle will tell the story of the punk rock band.

Sex Pistols are one of the most influential bands in music history. Sex Pistols, who came to the music scene years ago, made music that was rebellious, loud, and didn’t care what you think about them. Of course, as most bands go through, they would almost disband as soon as they became famous. The rise of Pistols is one of the best music stories of the 20th century and now comes to FX as a mini-series from award-winning director Danny Boyle.

FX is getting ready to hit the set for “Pistol,” a six-episode miniseries. Based on Steve Jones’ 2018 memoir titled “Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol”, the new series will tell the formation story of the punk rock band “Pistol”, how it changed its music and culture forever, from the perspective of the band’s guitarist Steve Jones. The series was created by Craig Pearce and written by Pearce and Frank Cottrell Boyce. Danny Boyle will produce and direct the new series. In the series, Toby Wallace as Steve Jones, Anson Boon as John “Johnny Rotten” Lydon, Louis Partridge as Sid Vicious, Jacob Slater as Paul Cook, Fabien Frankel as Glen Matlock, Dylan Llewellyn as Wally Nightingale, Sydney Chandler as Chrissie Hynde, Nancy Spungen actors such as Emma Appleton as the role of punk icon Jordan and Maisie Williams as the punk icon Jordan.

It’s great to get back into business with Danny Boyle, an extraordinary artist who is responsible for so many great feature films and TV series, Steve Jones was at the center of the storm that rocked the rock setup, and Danny and the rest of the creative team, the music We were thrilled when he told the story of one of his most famous bands. ” said.

Danny Boyle is no stranger to music projects. His latest movie “Yesterday” was a love letter to the Beatles. The master director is no stranger to his “punk rock” sensibilities, as the mood and music of his explosive movie “Trainspotting” were a solid reflection of this culture. There is no official announcement about the drama’s premiere date yet, but a schedule for the set is expected soon.

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