Chris Hemsworth Could Star In The New Mad Max Movie
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Chris Hemsworth Could Star In The New Mad Max Movie

Chris Hemsworth could star in the new Mad Max movie that will focus on the youth of the Furiosa character. George Miller plans to start shooting the movie next year.

George Miller, who made one of the best films of recent years with Mad Max: Fury Road, which was released in 2015, is preparing to tell new stories in the Mad Max universe.

Warner Bros. and George Miller’s disagreement on Mad Max: Fury Road’s income distribution blocked sequels, although Warner Bros. After the change of management, these problems were solved and concrete steps were taken for the new Mad Max movie. In Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller recently confirmed preparations for a Mad Max movie focusing on the youth of Furiosa, brought to life by Charlize Theron, after his new movie Three Thousand Years of Longing, starring Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton. He announced that he was planning to shoot the movie Mad Max.

Although the shooting of Three Thousan Years of Longing did not start due to the pandemic that caused the disruption of shooting schedules all over the world, it does not seem to have affected the Mad Max project much. Because George Miller and his team have already started working to shape the cast.


New Mad Max Movie to Focus on the Youth of Furiosa Character

George Miller, in a statement recently, announced that Charlize Theron would not portray Furiosa, as he will focus on the character’s youth. It was also revealed at that time that the director met with young actors such as Anya Taylor-Joy and Jodie Comer for the role. It is not clear yet who will play the young Furiosa. However, a different name emerged to play one of the main characters to accompany Furiosa in the film.

According to the information shared by Jeff Sneider from Collider, successful actor Chris Hemsworth, known as the Thor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is being interviewed to bring one of the main characters to life in the film. It is said that Hemsworth will give life to the character named Dementus if an agreement is reached. In the character descriptions leaked, Dementus is described as “an incredibly handsome character in his 30s with a giant scar on his forehead fastened with chrome staples.”

The news that Hemsworth, who made a name for himself with Extraction this year, could star in the new Mad Max movie was revealed by The Illuminerdi site two days ago. However, since The Illuminerdi is not a reliable source, this claim was not emphasized. Jeff Sneider is a much more reliable name about what is happening in Hollywood and carefully chooses the information he shares. That’s why Sneider also shared this information. Warner Bros. and Chris Hemsworth. We will wait and see if the parties can agree.

Although it has become impossible to say anything definite about the shooting schedules due to the pandemic, at least for now, the shooting of the new Mad Max movie is planned to begin next year. You can follow new information about the movie on our website.

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