Best TV Shows 2020 to Watch on Netflix

Best TV Shows 2020 to Watch on Netflix

Best TV Shows 2020 to Watch on Netflix – Netflix series managed to mark the year 2020. The platform, which is sought after especially during the coronavirus period, has added many different movies, series and original content to its structure. However, Netflix series, which were released in 2020, attracted the most attention. The series, which have different budgets from low to large, got full marks from the majority of viewers.

Cursed – IMDb: 5.8

We start our list of the best Netflix TV shows released in 2020 with the fantastic series Cursed. Nimue (Katherine Langford) possesses mysterious abilities and becomes the Lake Queen whose destiny is written. Nimue sets out to give a sword to the sorceress Merlin after her mother dies. His friend Arthur sets out with him. The Nimue and Arthur duo will experience various adventures and show great courage throughout the journey.

Unorthodox – IMDb: 8

Etsy is a 19-year-old Jewish woman who lives in an ultra-Orthodox community in Brooklyn and lives in an unhappy marriage. Unhappy with her life, Etsy flee to Berlin where her mother lives and tries to explore secular life by rejecting all the beliefs imposed on her.

The Last Dance – IMDb: 9.2

The awesome miniseries focuses on the dream team Chicago Bulls and the team’s star player Michael Jordan. The series also includes the pictures of an official with full access card to the Bulls during the 1997-98 season. The Last Dance stands out as the perfect option for basketball and Jordan lovers.

Into the Night – IMDb: 7.1

Realizing that the sun is deadly when everything goes well, the NATO soldier hijacks a plane going to Brussels and makes it take off early. At first, the only person who knew why the NATO soldier hijacked the plane was the pilot. However, as time passes, other passengers on the plane learn on the internet that the sun is lethal. The drama is about a group of people on the plane struggling to survive.

Snowpiercer – IMDb: 6.7

The series is about people living in a train with 1001 wagons, which was set up 7 years after the world was frozen and barren. A strict social hierarchy is imposed on the people living in the wagons at the rear of the train built by billionaire Wilford. People with insufficient food and resources aim to start a revolution.

The Netflix series Snowpiercer tackles social injustice and survival issues. The series stars the successful Hollywood actress Jennifer Connelly. There is also a Hollywood movie of the same name that came before this series and deals with the same subject. The 2013 film is starring Chris Evans.

The Queen’s Gambit – IMDb: 8.7

The mini-series, which received full marks from the audience, reveals the childhood and youth of the chess prodigy named Elizabeth Harmon, who aims to be the best chess player in the world. Hollywood actress Anya Taylor-Joy takes the lead role in the series.

Dracula – IMDb: 6.8

The drama follows Dracula’s origins in Eastern Europe and his encounters with Van Helsing’s grandson and later generation. During this time, Dracula’s bloody sins and weaknesses come to light. Danish actress Claes Bang gives life to the lead role of the production, which is on our list of Netflix TV series.

Spinning Out – IMDb: 7.7

Kat Baker is an ambitious and skilled ice skater. However, an accident he had during a performance turned his entire career upside down. Kat, who is struggling with family problems as well as her injury, wants to do something to get her career together and decides to continue her career as a couple. Kat’s partner is a young man who is a talented skater. The leading role of the series is Kaya Scodelario, which we know from the series Skins and takes part in the Labyrinth series.

Best TV Shows 2020 to Watch on Netflix

The Stranger – IMDb: 7.3

The Stranger, which is on our list of Netflix TV shows, tells the story of a man trying to reveal some secrets about the people around him. Adam Price, who is married and has two children, has a good life. But one night, a stranger he meets tells him a secret about his wife. When the man cannot understand what is happening, he begins to investigate and finds himself trying to learn the truth about the people around him.

Best TV Shows 2020 to Watch on Netflix

Bloodride – IMDb: 6.3

The Norwegian anthology series Bloodride revolves around a bus and its driver driving in the midnight rain. In each episode, one of the passengers gets off the bus and becomes the focal point of the episode. The production, which is among the best anthology series, stars such as Emma Spetalen Magnusson, Dagny Backer Johnsen and Erlend Rødal Vikhagen.

Warrior Nun – IMDb: 6.8

The fantastic production that finds a place in our list of Netflix series focuses on the story of a woman waking up in the morgue. The woman realizes that she is in the morgue when she opens her eyes and realizes that she has some powers. Now with special powers, the woman will fight against evil just like a superhero.

Best TV Shows 2020 to Watch on Netflix

Freud – IMDb: 6.5

Netflix’s first original Austrian content, the series is about Sigmund Freud’s early life. The story of the series is partially based on real events. In the first phase of Freud’s duty as a neurologist in 21st century Vienna, the period when he was trying to discover and develop his subconscious theory is described in the axis of a series of murders. Robert Finster plays the character of Sigmund Freud in the production, which is on our list of Netflix TV series.

Hollywood – IMDb: 7.6

The series is about a group of actors and their management who do their best to make their dreams come true. A group of people who want to be actors and directors try to shine in Hollywood after World War II. These people risked everything to make their dreams come true. The events and injustices behind the scenes of Hollywood are revealed in the series.

The cast of the mini-series, which is on our list of Netflix TV series, includes names such as Jim Parsons, Samara Weaving, Laura Harrier, David Corenswet and Dylan McDermott.

Ratched – IMDb: 7.3

Ratched, which is on our list of Netflix TV series, is about a woman who is a nurse in a mental hospital. Looking for a job, Mildred applies for a job at a psychiatric hospital. Strange experiments on people’s minds are being conducted in this hospital. Mildred is accepted for the job when he shows that he has all the qualities a nurse should have. Later the truth about Mildred infiltrated into the mental health system will be revealed. We recommend that you give Ratched a chance, one of the most successful of Ryan Murphy series.

Tiny Pretty Things – IMDb: 5.4

Adapted from Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton’s novel of the same name, Tiny Pretty Things is about young ballet students studying at an elite ballet academy in Chicago, and their lives. The only chance for these young people, who want to be good and successful ballet dancers, is the ballet academy where they receive disciplined training away from their families. Young people who have a very rigorous education have all their life to dance, and they will have to risk anything to achieve perfection.

Paranormal – IMDb: 8.2

Directed by Egyptian director Amr Salama, the series takes place in the 1960’s and is a series of hematology professor Dr. Refaat is about the supernatural and mysterious events that Ismail lived through. Ahmed Amin takes on the lead role of the series.

Emily in Paris – IMDb: 7.1

When American Emily, an ambitious woman, is tasked with bringing the American perspective to a French marketing firm, she leaves her life in America behind and moves to France. As Emily tries to manage her career, new friends and love life, she sees the challenges of living in a foreign country and a culture she never knew.

Famous Hollywood actress Lily Collins takes the lead role of the production, which is among the most popular Netflix series.

Start-Up – IMDb: 8.3

Made in South Korea, the series is about two people who dream of establishing big companies like Google and Amazon, but never show any hope in this regard. When two people dreaming the same dream and striving for it meet one day, they support each other and work together.

Best TV Shows 2020 to Watch on Netflix

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