Best Movies to Watch On Amazon Prime (January 2021)

Best Movies to Watch On Amazon Prime (January 2021)

We’ve listed the best Amazon Prime movies that you must watch, from adventure to comedy, from science fiction to thriller. Check out the Amazon Prime movie recommendations with their trailers!

The joy of movies is waiting for you in Amazon Prime, which stands out among the new generation broadcast platforms, which are one of the most important milestones that define this century, with its unique subscription model and comprehensive contracts it offers for its internal productions! The platform, which also offers original movie alternatives for those looking for different content, has excellent options for all tastes. We have listed Amazon Prime movies with an unusual aesthetic perception for you.

The Handmaiden (IMDb: 8.1)

The film, which was transferred to the big screen by Park Chan-wook as a modern adaptation of Sarah Waters’ book Fingersmith (2002), is set in Korea, which was under Japanese occupation in the 1930s. Focusing on a plot-filled story between a rich young woman, the Japanese heiress Lady Hideko, a Korean con man who wants to trick her and own her wealth, and a Korean maid this man hires, The Handmaiden is ranked among the best Korean movies.

Best Movies to Watch On Amazon Prime (January 2021)

The Salesman (IMDb: 7.8)

Directed and written by Oscar-winning Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, the film was inspired by the theater play “Death of the Salesman” written by Arthur Miller in 1949. The Amazon original movie The Salesman, competing on behalf of Iran at the 2017 Oscars and embracing the Oscar as “Best Foreign Language Film”, also won the best screenplay and best actor awards at the Cannes Film Festival. While trying to quietly overcome the trauma of Rana being attacked by someone who has trouble with her former tenant in their newly moved home, her husband Emad is in favor of revenge. In this movie about an event that dramatically changed the couple’s life, Ashgar; While criticizing society through modernity, he presents social roles from a male point of view and while doing so, he gives modern meanings to Iranian cinema.

Best Movies to Watch On Amazon Prime (January 2021)

The Big Sick (IMDb: 7.5)

Pakistani comedian Kumail, who works as a comedian at a place in Chicago and also acts as a taxi driver during the day, meets Emily, a family therapist, during these performances. Their relationship, which does not seem to last too long due to the incompatibility of their families, faces an unexpected situation. Kumail, who is interested in this process and continues his efforts to be a good comedian, is also trying to impose himself on Emily’s family. The Big Sick, a romantic comedy from Amazon Prime, which was praised by critics, is one of the best comedy movies of 2017.

A Quiet Place (IMDb: 7.5)

A Quiet Place by successful director John Krasinski is among the best horror and thriller films of recent years. Set in a world where supernatural beings live against sound, the film tells the story of a family with 2 children who live in an isolated countryside, who spend their lives in great silence. The life of the family, which has a quiet life while avoiding all kinds of squeaking and movement that can make a sound with sign language, turns into a nightmare when their little children knock on a lamp while playing.

Best Movies to Watch On Amazon Prime (January 2021)

Honey Boy (IMDb: 7,3)

Honey Boy, written by American actor Shia LaBeouf and directed by renowned director Alma Her’el, is a biographical film in which Shia LaBeouf portrays her own father. Honey Boy, which focuses on the actor’s childhood life and his troubled relationship with his mentally unstable alcoholic father, describes the tumultuous life of child actor Shia LaBeouf. The movie, brought to life by Amazon Studios, witnesses a great struggle with life to become a star despite the difficult childhood years.

You can read the Honey Boy review here!

Beautiful Boy (IMDb: 7.3)

Based on the bestselling book Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction, based on his stories with David Sheff’s son, Nic Sheff, the film focuses on the relationship between a drug addict and his father. The film tells the story of a child whose family collapsed due to drug addiction, his struggle to survive the difficulties of this family, and a father determined to do whatever it takes to heal his son.

The Report (IMDb: 7,2)

The Report, starring one of the beloved names of the screen, Adam Driver, is about the September 11 attacks, one of the biggest events that devastated America, and the effort of CIA agents to find the person behind the incident with different interrogation techniques. The character of Daniel J. Jones, an idealist researcher, is assigned to investigate an issue the CIA is after, and the documents Daniel seized pose a threat to the CIA.

Fighting With My Family (IMDb: 7,1)

Fighting With My Family, directed and written by Stephen Merchant, is based on the true and incredible story of WWE Superstar Paige. Featuring names such as Dwayne Johnson and Lena Headey, the critically acclaimed biography, drama and comedy movie tells the story of a man who is a former gangster and wrestler. While living a quiet life with his two children and wife, tiring and comedic days await a father who is determined to make his daughters WWE superstars.

Best Movies to Watch On Amazon Prime (January 2021)

Suspiria (IMDb: 6.8)

Dario Argento’s 1077 cult movie, Suspiria, was released in 2018 and presented to the audience, the film is about the life of Susie, a devout American woman. With the arrival of Susie, who came to Berlin in the late 70’s and attended a prestigious dance school called Markos Tanz Company, the students at the school began to disappear mysteriously. Susie, on the other hand, is ready to do whatever it takes to solve this dark secret, with the help of a friend named Sara, whom she met here, and the guidance of psychologist Jozef Klemperer and the team’s artistic director Madame Blanc.

You Were Never Really Here (IMDb: 6.8)

“You Were Never Really Here” starring Joaquin Phoenix, winner of the “Best Actor” Oscar for the best movie of 2019, and adapted from Jonathan Ames’ novel of the same name, has a thriller-filled script that marks the world of film. A conspiracy network in which Joe will be dragged into and forced to fight in the film about the life of the war veteran Joe, who had witnessed enough violence for a lifetime in his profession and now rescued young girls who were kidnapped by prostitution gangs for sex trade and waged war on these gangs. is waiting.

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