Best Movies of 2020 According to Almodóvar

Best Movies of 2020 According to Almodóvar

8 Best Movies of 2020 – Finally, master director Pedro Almodóvar, who made a name for himself with his short film The Human Voice with Tilda Swinton, wrote daily essays during the quarantine process and expressed his feelings during the pandemic process in this way.

At the same time, the director, who also explained what he watched during this period, also announced the best 8 movies of 2020 according to him. In this selection, which includes different types of films, there are productions that we certainly see in the year-end lists, as well as productions that have premiered in various festivals but have not been watched by many people, but still managed to enter the radar of the audience.

You can find the films chosen by Pedro Almodóvar and his thoughts on these films below.

The 8 Best Movies of 2020 According to Pedro Almodóvar

First Cow – Kelly Reichardt


Pedro Almodóvar’s list includes the movie First Cow by Kelly Reichardt, which we see on the list almost every year. He thinks that the dominant presence of nature in First Cow, which he describes as a fascinating and delightful western, carries traces of Lucrecia Martel.

The Devil All the Time – Antonio Campos


Pedro Almodóvar praises director Antonio Campos, saying that a difficult subject to tell for The Devil All the Time can turn into a great movie in great hands. Almodóvar explains that Campos remembers him as the producer of the 2011 production Martha Marcy May Marlene, which deeply impressed him, and states that we will see more of Campos’ films in the future.

Druk (Another Round) – Thomas Vinterberg


Stating that the story of the film contains a mixture of optimism and melancholy that makes it very special, Almodóvar says that the acting is excellent, especially Mads Mikkelsen teaches a masterful lesson on this subject. It ensures that the ending of the movie takes you to the moment of catharsis. By saying that the Dogma 95 movement is back, it also captivates the people who will watch the movie.

Swallow – Carlo Mirabella-Davis


Adored by Haley Bennett’s performance in the film, Pedro Almodóvar describes director Carlo Mirabella-Davis’ style as a mixture of Yorgos Lanthimos, Jessica Hausner and Todd Solondz. Stating that he watches the movie with curiosity, he expresses his love for the film in this way.

Ya no estoy aqui (I’m No Longer Here) – Fernando Frias


Fernando Frías’ debut feature Ya no estoy aqui (I’m No Longer Here), selected as Mexico’s Oscar nominee, is unexpected with its wonderful, irresistible charm, in Pedro Almodóvar’s opinion, with good cinematography and a magnificent soundtrack album. a Mexican movie. He even interprets this movie as a mixture of Luis Buñuel’s Los Olvidados (Forgetten) and La Odisea (The Odyssey).

Little Joe – Jessica Hausner


According to Pedro Almodóvar, Little Joe won the award at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival with Emily Beecham winning the award for Best Actress, and it is the best film in director Jessica Hausner since Lourdes.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always – Eliza Hittman


Eliza Hittman’s latest film Never Rarely Sometimes Always manages to enter Pedro Almodóvar’s frame. The reason for this is the unforgettable scene that gave the movie its title. Almodóvar thinks the film should be among the best of the year just for this scene.

The Painter and the Thief – Benjamin Ree


The Sundance-based documentary The Painter and the Thief, directed by Benjamin Ree, looks like a fictional movie for Pedro Almodóvar and tells the touching story of a loving friendship. “I’m sure the director got the story, wrote the script and asked the lead roles to act on their own.” With his words, he approaches the documentary in a motion picture class.

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