Best Disney Musical Movies to Watch

Best Disney Musical Movies to Watch

Best Disney Musical Movies – We have listed Disney’s best musical movies for you! Discover must-watch musical movies and watch trailers from iconic movies to the best of the last 10 years.

Into The Woods (Imdb: 5,9)

What would happen if the different heroes of many classic children’s tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Rapunzel met in the same movie and in the same forest? Magic Forest, which brings out the classic characters created by the Grimm Brothers in a different style; It brings the visual atmosphere reflecting the tone of the fairy tales to the big screen by melting it in the same pot with its musical genre. Connecting the story of a baker and his wife cursed by a witch with the classic tale, the film tells the story of the couple who want to have children, in the depths of the Magic Forest, to obtain the materials the witch demands from them. Of course, in this process, Baker’s path crosses with the main characters in Grimm fairy tales. Directed by Rob Masrhall, the film features many popular names such as Oscar-winning actor Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, Emily Blunt and Anna Kendrick.

Enchanted (Imdb: 7.0)

Tales are not always true, unfortunately. It will upset the evil queen Giselle, who is happily living in the dazzling fantasy world of the fairy tale. Nothing is like before. Giselle is suddenly thrown beyond the concept of happiness forever. There are difficulties and evils in his new environment. The romance, which comes to life in a storybook, will find itself in real life, how much will turn all whites into black, this part is unknown. That’s why it is necessary to watch the movie. An enjoyable movie from Walt Disney Pictures.

Mary Poppins (Imdb: 7.8)

The Banks family is in a hurry to find a new nanny to take care of their children Jane and Michael after their nanny leaves their job. The nanny named Mary Poppins, whom they met after a while, is a woman full of surprises, contrary to her appearance. Accepting the quest, Mary Poppins soon begins to showcase all her surreal talents. Having magical powers, Mary Poppins can fly using her magic umbrella. In this way, the super nanny takes children on miraculous journeys. The only requirement of the nanny that drives them on different adventures is that they do not tell their families about these magical journeys. Adapted to the cinema by the famous musical Mary Poppins, the film was sourced from Travers’s book of the same name.

Best Disney Musical Movies

Beauty and Beats (Imdb: 7.1)

In the movie adapted from the Disney fairy tale to the big screen, a man who is a merchant is caught by storm during his journey. On his way back to his family, he sees a nearby castle while looking for a place to stay overnight. Although the host is not visible, everything is set for the guest’s comfort. As he is about to leave, he sees a rose and realizes that his daughter wants a rose from him. The man whose rose is torn comes face to face with the monster who owns the castle and is forced to hand over his daughter to the monster in exchange for his life. When Belle, the youngest daughter of the merchant, accepts the deal and settles in the beast’s castle, she is unaware that she is thrown into the arms of an unexpected love …
Directed by Bill Condon, the film features actors such as Emma Watson, Ewan McGregor, Luke Evans and Ian McKellen in the lead roles.

Frozen (Imdb: 7.4)

After the curse of the Snow Queen, the kingdom was condemned to an eternal winter. Adventurous and kind-hearted Anna, who lives in this kingdom, decides to return the people of her city to their good old days by finding the Snow Queen and having her end the curse. Anna’s travel companion is Kristoff, a master mountain climber. In order to succeed, they must be able to see and recognize the Snow Queen. This seemingly simple plan gets harder as the journey on the secluded mountain progresses. A separate danger arises at every turn of the journey, which continues with mythological creatures and spooky spells. The main difficulty of the journey is the fact that they are racing against time. The animated Disney movie is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, while the characters are voiced by Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff.

West Side Story (Imdb: 7.5)

One of the cult movies that set the standards in musical genre movies, West Side Story is a movie with unforgettable songs, successful choreographies and the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.
Telling the love and failure stories of a young girl and a young man belonging to two hostile street gangs, Sharks and Jets, the film introduces a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet into the musical genre.

Best Disney Musical Movies

Teen Beach Movie (Imdb: 5.9)

Two surfing lovers, whose doomed relationship is nearing to a close, find themselves swept into a dimension-traversing wave that sends them into a beach movie musical in the 60’s.

Best Disney Musical Movies

High School Musical (Imdb: 5.4)

Troy knows very well what subjects he has talent for and which he is not. His situation in basketball is quite clear. What about singing? One day, during a karaoke performance, he realizes something about himself that he hadn’t known until then. The math genius Gabriella, who sang with her, was also unaware of how well she could sing until then. After the duo discover their musical talents, they start making vocals together. With this union, a love sprouts between them over time. However, the road to happiness is difficult. They apply to get the lead role in the school musical. But will they have a chance with their well-known competitors in this regard? Moreover, their basketball and math teams do their best to keep them away from singing.

Best Disney Musical Movies

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