Berlin Film Festival Removes Gender Discrimination

Berlin Film Festival Removes Gender Discrimination

It was announced that the Berlin Film Festival will be physically held in 2021. In the statement made, it was also stated that as of next year, male and female categories will be removed from the player awards.

The Berlin Film Festival, which signaled change with its new directors coming to power in June 2019, started to explain the first details of the festival, which is expected to be held in February next year. The festival management announced that the award given on behalf of Alfred Bauer, the first director of the festival, will no longer be awarded because of the emergence of national socialist ties, and announced that gender-based discrimination will be removed in the actor awards from next year. Accordingly, instead of the “Best Female” and “Best Male” awards, two Silver Bears awards, “Best Leading Performance” and “Best Supporting Actor Performance” will be presented. Instead of the Alfred Bauer Prize, the Grand Jury Prize will be given.

The Festival Will Be Held Physically In 2021

In addition, festival directors Mariette Rissenbeek and Carlo Chatrian announced that the festival will be held in physical conditions in 2021. Emphasizing that festivals constitute important meeting and communication venues for both the audience and the industry, the director duo stated that they understood the need to get together physically during the pandemic process and that they will gradually participate in the festivals that started to be organized physically in the way the audience is present. On the other hand, Sarajevo Film Festival, which announced that it would be organized similarly physically, had to carry its program online 8 days before the opening. New details of the Berlin Film Festival program are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

The International Jury of the Competition will award the following eight prizes:

Golden Bear for Best Film (awarded to the film’s producers)
Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize
Silver Bear for Best Director
Silver Bear Jury Prize
Silver Bear for Best Leading Performance
Silver Bear for Best Supporting Performance
Silver Bear for Best Screenplay
Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution

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