A Dog’s Purpose Cast, Review & Film summary

A Dog’s Purpose Cast, Review & Film summary

A Dog’s Purpose Cast & Movie Story – Every dog exists for a reason, and no dog exists just to exist! Based on this motto, the fun comedy-drama movie A Dog’s Purpose is about a dog’s journey to discover his purpose in life. A Dog’s Purpose movie is directed by Lasse Hallstrom. A Dog’s Purpose movie stars Britt Robertson, Bradley Cooper and Dennis Quaid.

A Dog’s Purpose Cast & Movie Review

Bailey (Josh Gad), a Red Retriever is the protagonist who is rescued by his young proprietor Ethan (KJ Apa) and his mother Elizabeth (Juliet Rylance). Bailey’s earliest memories, which are intrinsically associated with smells, are all gotten from Ethan. Indeed, even as a pup, Bailey asks all the important questions; namely, ‘what is the meaning and purpose of life?’ He witnesses the vital stages in his master Ethan’s ‘All-American’ life namely getting a sweetheart, winning the secondary school football match, getting drafted to school on an All-Star scholarship among other impactful moments. Yet, as life takes a turn for the worse, Bailey’s experience on earth comes to an end and he dies, just to be reawakened as another variety to another proprietor. Thus, through several incarnations, Bailey comes to discover interesting insights about humans as well as dogs.

With A Dog’s Purpose, you should make several concessions. It is a hopelessly adorable tearjerker that is mind-numbingly simple in the way it is crafted. And while it brazenly blackmails you emotionally at several moments in its 60 minutes forty-minutes in length runtime, you don’t really mind because those are the same things that work in its favor. A tale of a reincarnating Golden Retriever, the film is based on the book by the same name. While it gets the idea of reincarnation totally off-base; that’s not where the film is aiming to go. All the makers are hoping to do is to make you tear up. With aww-commendable moments galore, you wouldn’t fret the gaps in the film’s rationale.

Besides the oversentimentality, there are some scenes in the film where it would seem that the animals were pushed altogether too far, and we trust that no canines were harmed or harmed during the making of the film.

In case you’re a dog-darling, the makers will have you eating out of their hands quickly. In case you’re a cat-person, there is still enough humor and heart in it to appreciate it with family.

A Dog’s Purpose Cast & Rating – 7,2/10

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