4 Movies in 1 Trailer: “Welcome To The Blumhouse”

4 Movies in 1 Trailer: “Welcome To The Blumhouse”

In recent weeks, four of the films in partnership with Amazon Prime and Blumhouse were officially announced. The trailer of these four films, consisting of Black Box, The Lie, Evil Eye and Nocturne, was released under the title “Welcome To The Blumhouse“. The highly anticipated films will be released to viewers on Amazon on October 6 and October 13, respectively.

Amazon’s Welcome To The Blumhouse movies consist of 8 new horror productions. Information on four of them was shared and their release dates were fixed. The release date of The Lie and Black Box films was set as October 6, while October 13 was marked on the calendars for Nocturne and Evil Eye. Amazon Prime shared a trailer of these four movies.

The Lie tells the story of 15-year-old Kayla and a young girl struggling to overcome the separation of her mother Rebecca and father Jay. While Jay is taking her daughter to an out-of-town ballet school, they run into Kayla’s friend Brittany on their way. Unexpected events occur when they decide to take Brittany with them and take a little trip. Britanny disappears after taking a break at the roadside. Suspecting that Kayla might be involved with the young girl’s disappearance, Jay decides to cover up.

Black Box tells the story of a man trying to reclaim his memory after surviving a tragic car accident. A young man loses his wife after a traffic accident. Although he manages to escape from the accident, the man who loses his memory, desperately tries to return to his old self. The man tries to raise his daughter in this process. Hoping to regain his memory, he enters an experimental treatment that will cause him to question his own identity.

Usha Khatri, who lives in Evil Eye in Delhi, India, is very happy when she learns that her daughter Pallavi is her boyfriend. But Usha’s happiness turns into fear when she realizes the strange similarities with the evil force in Pallavi’s rich boyfriend Sandeep’s past. Even though her suspicions are denied by her friends and family, Usha wants to learn more about this new man in her daughter’s life. As a result, he makes sure that an evil force from 30 years ago is back with vengeance. When Pallavi announces her engagement to Sandeep, Usha is forced to face a terrible question.

Nocturne tells the story of a talented pianist who makes a deal with the devil to pass his older sister and enter a prestigious classical music conservatory. The new Blumhouse films will be released to audiences in 250 countries in total.

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